Product Name: Caramel



Caramel Colour is produce by heating treatment of carbohydrates. Its color ranges from pale-yellow to amber to dark-brown.. Caramel color molecules carry either a positive or a negative charge depending upon the reactants used in their manufacture. Problems such as precipitation, flocculation, or migration can be eliminated with the use of a properly charged caramel color for the intended application.

E150a - Type I > Plain Caramel Colour
E150b - Type II > Caustic Sulphite Process Caramel Colour
E150c - Type III > Ammonia Process Caramel Colour
E150d - Type IV > Ammonia Sulphite Process Caramel Colour

End Application:

» Beer
» Iced/RTD Teas
» Lemonades
» Protein Drinks
» Soft Drinks
» Whiskeys / Rums / Brandy / Wines / Liqueurs

Baked Goods:
» Cocoa Extender/Chocolate
» Breads/General Baking Applications

» BBQ Sauce
» Flavoring Extracts
» Gravy & Gravy Bases
» Meat Rubs
» Pancake / Waffle Syrup
» Poultry Coating
» Seasoning Mix
» Soy Sauce /Fish Sauce

» Candy / Licorice
» Cereals
» Coffee Extender
» Dairy Products
» Pet Food
» Soup and Soup Bases
» Vinegars

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