Synthetic Flavours

Product Name: Synthetic Flavours

Synthetic Flavours

Synthetic Flavours

Flavours for Perfect Taste:
To make every eatable pleasant in taste right from dishes to medicines, mouthwatering flavours is required and we at PHINIX make such flavours with quality.

We have employed a dexterous team of professionals, which works hard to attain maximum satisfaction from our clients.

Flavours are largely used in industries Like

Pharmaceutical Industries:Bitter taste is often associated to pharmaceutical products and PHINIX has worked hard in ‘BITTER TASTE MANAGEMENT’. We have developed large numbers of flavours for

» Liquid oral formulation
» Dry formulation
» Tablet formulation
» Mouth freshner formulation

Confectionery & Bakery Industries:These products are produced in very high temperature & our in depth knowledge of expertise has developed flavours which remain stable without losing its taste & aroma. As a result products get rich & enhance taste. We have developed numbers of flavours for

» Hard boiled confectionery
» Chewing gums
» Candies
» Biscuits & cookies
» Cakes & Muffins

Beverages Industries:We have developed mouthwatering flavours which enhance mouth feel & taste of beverages products.

» Carbonate Beverages
» Coffee & Tea
» Alcoholic beverages
» Floats, Slush & Frozen drinks

Dairy Products:These products are very delicate & our in depth knowledge of expertise has developed flavours with carefully select of raw materials which is suitable for dairy products

» Ice creams & Topping
» Milkshakes & Smoothies
» Deserts
» Mithai
» Creams
» Yoghurts

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