Chickpea, or Cicer arietinum, is an annual plant in the Fabaceae family of peas that is widely cultivated for its nutrient-rich seeds. It is also known as the garbanzo bean or Bengal gram. India, Africa, Central America, and South America all depend heavily on chickpea as a food source. Considering they are legumes themselves, chickpeas have a flavor that is very similar to beans. Considering how starchy they are, most people equate their flavor to that of cannellini and pinto beans. Additionally, they're renowned for having a nutty flavor with notes of dirt.

In soups, salads, and stews throughout southern Europe and Latin America, chickpeas are frequently used as a filler. Chickpeas can also be used to make a flatbread called socca or a type of meal or flour that can be used with wheat or other flour for baking. Dietary fiber, particularly a soluble fiber known as raffinose, is abundant in chickpeas. This is broken down by the beneficial bacteria in your gut so that your colon can slowly absorb it. More chickpeas in your diet may facilitate simpler, more regular bowel movements, according to studies. They might aid in lowering cholesterol. We are the top global provider of chickpeas of the highest quality. We offer delicious and nutritious chickpeas. We think that offering the highest-quality cuisine to our customers will best serve to satisfy their wants.

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